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Wrist Splints- How Can They Help Relieve Pain From Your Injury?

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Put the ache on ice. Fill a plastic bag with ice, wrap it in a thin towel, and vigorously rub it over the top of your wrist. The ice helps reduce fluid retention around the ligament that covers the carpal tunnel, which reduces the pressure on the median nerve.

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You may also have pain from a common condition called carpal tunnel syndrome. This occurs when a nerve in the wrist becomes compressed. Carpal tunnel syndrome can cause tingling and numbness in your hands, and can cause pain in your wrist and arm. You may find it difficult to do everyday activities, such as typing, eating, or getting dressed.

For patients with wrist ganglion cysts, I recommend using a wrist splint after surgery for two weeks while the soreness from the surgery goes away. During that time, I advise patients to come out of the splint three times a day and do some stretching exercises. Patients can type and do light activities with their hands during this time.

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