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Winch Cable Replacement

If you’re like most sailboat owners, you haven’t serviced your winches since you owned the boat. Every year you say this is going to be the year you clean and grease the winches, but something more important always comes along.

And the book says DO NOT POWER OUT FOR MORE THAN 6m (20′). No wonder the winch drum got hot. I’m surprised it wasn’t glowing! In fact it is a tribute to our GOODWINCH G12 that he didn’t break the winch! LRO stated that the steep drop soon saw the electric winch motor overheating’. What editorial rubbish, our ‘BOWMOTOR 2’ is far from touching the PLASMA 12. In any case, you couldn’t find a cooler running motor, especially our 24-volt version as fitted to Nick’s winch hawse vs roller fairlead.

Travel with another vehicle. This one should go without saying; it’s just downright foolish to go out in to remote areas by yourself without any other rigs along with you. What if your rig gets disabled and you have no cell coverage? Worse yet, what happens if you get hurt?

Your navigational chart states that your anchoring spot has a depth of 18 feet. You will anchor for two days. The tide tables indicate the consecutive high tides over those two days to be 5 feet, 7 feet, 6.5 feet and 9 feet above low tide. How long should you make your trip line?

The next aspect you find very beneficial about this winch is the fact that it comes with a 10 foot extension cable for a remote control. This is ideal to have if you need to electric winch your ATV from a steep embankment and you need to be safe from any potential problems. For instance, you may be force to connect your winch to a tree that may not be strong enough to handle the pull. Or even for any other form of unforeseeable circumstance.

I immediately rushed back to the truck shop, but the counter guy just raised his hands and said that all sales are final. Scrambling for a solution, I asked him what I could do about the squat. The guy recommended a leveling kit. He explained a leveling kit is a system of simple spacers that raises the front of your rig a few inches to level the truck out. Aha, just what I need! Of best winch course! But what is this gonna cost me?

When you hire a captain for a few days or your entire trip, make sure you provide ONLY onboard provisions for him or her or agree on a per diem. You are only required to make sure they have food onboard, otherwise they can go anywhere they wish to eat or drink. You DO NOT have to entertain or have them come with you when you leave the boat. Your captain is a service professional who is there to navigate and drive the boat. You are not responsible to take him or her to dinner if you do not wish to do so.

And, when you need to lift and lower things, a davit crane makes it easy. Yours will either come with a hand-powered or an electric winch and cable assembly, so you can hoist things as high as you need to.