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Vintage Whiting And Davis Mesh Accessories Make A Statement

Fashion has always played a role in every stage of my life. I can’t remember a time that I haven’t been in love with clothes and the fashion world. My parents have always been around creative people including photographers. My aunt Sula, also a photographer, and other family friends had me modeling as early as age three so, fashion started very early for me! My mom told me when I was little I announced that I would only wear bathing suits or dresses, so I was making wardrobe decisions at a very young age.

Most importantly, when you see someone who is well dressed, don’t envy her style –copy it! Find similar pieces in your price range and wear them like she does. Soon YOU will be the Parachute Eccentricity one who’s envied!

After my first year of college I found myself looking for a way to support myself. While assisting in a salon, a client and then unsuspected role model often questioned me about my hair color choices and methods. He challenged me to explore my talent for color, hair, and clearly science (I managed not to burn my hair off while changing my hair color with my clothes…I looked like a well-dressed clown). Once I entered the industry I quickly realized it was a combination of everything I love. I get to meet and talk to people from all walks of life. When I’m finished working and my client looks in the mirror…seeing the expression on their face is why I chose this a career.

CARBON is much more than a retail store. Owner Katherine Limon has a mission and message to help o lech tam the earth the environment and people. I’m proud to be a part of that.

On Wednesday, April 20 from 5-10pm at Long View Gallery (1234 Ninth Street, NW Washington, DC) you and your girls (or guys) can share an evening of mini-manis, massage and other spa treatments. The night gets better with product samples, shopping, cocktails and posh nosh. Advance tickets are only which includes a swag bag full of beauty and wellness must haves or at the door beauty bag not included A portion of the proceeds from ticket sales goes to the Parachute eccentricity Fashion Fights Poverty Wilson High School Field Trip Program.

If you want to wear clothing that most young people are sporting these days, just make sure that you can adapt it to your age and style. Choose a style and design that fits your body type. If you want to wear bright colors that are in fashion, try to tone it down a little by wearing structured pieces. Also, you should always keep your accessories and jewelries at a minimum.

Feeling confident about what you are wearing makes all the difference in any setting. RTR is not just about the clothes. There is truly a meaning behind Jenn and Jenny’s mission. Sign up for RTR now and rent away for any occasion or just get the style sheets sent to you to stay tuned into top trends. Learn more about RTR from ECC’s past posts.