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Trendy Crib Mattresses

If you have a young girl, she probably loves the Disney princesses, and tea parties. If she is still young enough for a toddler bed, you can buy a Disney princess toddler bed. The beds are about $50 at Wal-Mart. The bed is pink with a princess on it and the mattress is sold separately. The mattress is a standard crib mattress and starts at $35.

Thomas Train bed setting and accessories can transform any room into a train station. Little Tikes makes Thomas and Friends toddler bed that is so realistic, your young child will believe he or she is onboard with Thomas. The dimensions are 60″ by 17″ and 13″. This bed does require a standard napyou crib mattress review but the rest is there. The foot of the bed is the front of the engine with Thomas’s face all happy and smiling. There at the front below the smile is a small truck for that little engineer’s gear that will be needed during the night on the train ride. The headboard is the engine cabin. On top of the cabin is a place for books that can be ready for the bedtime story.

The dimensions of the mattress should be checked against those of your crib. Choosing the right sized mattress shouldn’t be a weighty problem, considering that most of the cribs and crib mattresses are made to set dimensions nowadays. However, standards might not be followed by certain doubtful brands. Generally, you should make sure that the mattress fits snugly in the crib frame, such that not more than one finger fits between both all the way around the crib.

A firm surface. Experts recommend that babies, especially newborns, be put to bed on a firm mattress to reduce the risk of SIDS. In a similar vein, parents are advised not to put soft toys, comforters or pillows in cribs because these are suffocation hazards. Furthermore, a resilient surface will also help your baby’s physical development as it provides adequate support for rolling over and crawling. If you wish, you can get a double-firmness mattress that has a hard side for infants and a softer one for toddlers.

If your little princess needs to have a table lamp you can find princess lamps for $10 in Family Dollar and Dollar General. Wal-Mart lamps range in price from $10+-$40. Wal-Mart lamps weren’t as pretty. The dollar stores had light up princesses. I thought they were really neat for a little ones room. They also weren’t the glass that shatters. There are three to choose, Snow White, Belle, and Jasmine.

First, one easy trick is to use a saline spray. Just spray a small amount of saline in your baby’s nose, then use a bulb syringe to suck out built up mucus. Try this technique to remedy stuffiness before every feeding for best results, but avoid doing it after a feeding because it may cause vomiting.

So consider your crib mattress choices carefully. Put the comfort and the safety of your baby first above everything else so they can have the best quality of sleep.