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Top 10 Travel Tips For Your Luxury Vacation

There is a saying that comes and goes every now and then. They say that gold goes up in recessions and depressions. There is something true about it. Just think about the status of the gold for the past 5,000 years. The last decade is a good landmark, too. For all this time, gold was considered to be a safe-haven.

In the box were bankbooks with entries of more than $60,000 in savings accounts, along with a key to a Safe deposit box. When the friend opened the Safe deposit box for sale, there was more than $70,000 in cash, and many of the bills were in denominations of $50 or $100. The widow lived in poverty when she could have enjoyed a much higher standard of living. On the other hand, many who would not live a poverty-stricken life physically live a poverty-stricken life spiritually.

Put your cell phone on ICE! Add a contact to your cell phone and name it: In Case of Emergency. Then list whom you would want to be contacted in the case you ended up in the hospital. Hospitals are now checking cell phones for emergency contacts.

All homeowners have important papers and documents that should not be stored in a regular filing cabinet. Think about it. Do you really want your passports, will, property deeds and social security cards, for example, in a place where anyone could easily snatch them? By placing them in a home fireproof safe you can protect them from theft as well as fire.

Other recommended safe deposit facilities in Austria are at the Schoellerbank branches (where no key is required – access is regulated by an electronic fingerprint scan) and at the Raiffeisenbank in the ‘secret’ enclave of Jungholz.

OEmergency Contact Card – On a business card size piece of paper, type the names and numbers of two different people you would like to be contacted in the event of an emergency. Have it laminated and keep it behind your Driver’s License or ID. If you were to be in an accident, the police and hospital would know who to call.

In case you are wondering, I am taking my own advice, for I do not want my remaining daughter or grandchildren to have the same financial nightmare. Doing your financial homework is a gift to those you love.