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The Power Of Blogging

These are the obvious reasons why business partnerships are formed, but the question is do business partnerships work or can the forming of them be the beginning of the end.

The ship with the five Sullivan brothers, the Juneau, was struck by a Japanese torpedo in November of 1942. The bomb apparently hit near the ammo magazine, and the ship exploded, the wreckage sinking speedily. Because of orders for Blogging for Dummies the boys, those near the disaster didn’t report it until several hours later. Although a report was eventually made, it was apparently lost in the shuffle for a number of days. The Sullivan family began to get concerned about the lack of letters from the boys, but no news was forthcoming from the Navy about the Sullivan boys.

Content is extremely important. Search engines love content. The content on your site needs to be unique, well written and contain useful information. It also needs to contain the keywords in which you are optimizing for and which are relevant to each particular page. Your should also be adding to the content of your site on a consistent basis. Stagnant sites, ones that never add content, for the most part, will not rank high. The easiest way to continually add content to your site is by adding a blog and posting at least once a month. The more often you post Blogging the Boys better.

The truth is that there are many ways a person could make money from their blog. One common way is with Google’s adsense program. You just place ads on your blog and every time someone clicks these ads you get paid a percentage of what the advertiser pays Google.

The single most important thing you can do these days is to get your website listed in Google’s local Business Directory, Google Places. If you have a small business and money is tight, or just want to be frugal with your money, here are a few things you can do get your website closer the first page of the gold mine, Google Places in Tulsa.

It is a Clique: It was like going back to High School. The biz owners in this town were wary of outsiders. There were certain groups of owners, who disliked other local biz owners as well. It is very hard to break into the market there. Befriending one business owner, may mean you are losing business with three more people. Even with a large office paying high taxes, it wasn’t enough to legitimize yourself in the town. On top of that, competition was severely frowned upon. We were told “we were making waves” with our directory. Apparently another online directory in the area was perturbed with us entering the market. Instead of addressing the obvious design flaws, overpricing and complete lack of social media/S.E.O knowledge of their own site, they decided to complain about us to the “clique”.

Ok, there are plenty of ways to earn money from your blogging. The most popular is ads. You know the sometimes annoying adverts that pop up on various websites, those are earning the site owner money! Go through Google to set up an account and get paid to have ads relevant to your blog on your space. Each time someone clicks an ad you get paid!

Ghost blogging is work for hire, so if you want to include it on your resume, you’ll need to describe it in general terms and you can’t link to the posts. Talk about the topic you’ve blogged about – that should be enough.