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Snapper Riding Lawn Mowers – Why Walk When You Can Ride?

Aeration, or removing plugs of soil from your lawn, results in a healthier, lusher lawn by letting more water, oxygen and nutrition reach its roots. Here are 10 tips for aerating your lawn.

Question 1 – What type of lawn mower do you use? The reason this is important in Atlanta really is because of the different types of lawns people maintain in Georgia. If you have Tift Bermuda, which is very common in Atlanta, then you might want a lawn care near Tyler TX company that has a reel mower. If you have a fescue lawn, then you might want to make sure they have a lawn mower that can adjust to three inches or higher. Fescue lawns should not be mowed below three inches and should not be cut with a reel mower.

You have to know who your customers are going to be. You may know of people who are unable to take care of their lawns because of physical disabilities. Other people may have an active work or life style and do not have the extra time on their hands. You may decide your target markets are the elderly and working families.

My objective in listing these Lawn Care service business ideas is to get people thinking outside the box about jobs and ways to make a living. If you are unemployed, I want you to know that you are NOT trapped. As the late Bruce Lee stated, “To hell with circumstances, I create opportunities.” You too can create your own opportunities. You CAN earn a living and make money without a job! There are options available for you if will are willing to work.

Discarding old or unnecessary items is one of the most important steps in the cleaning process. While we think that VCR, excess wallpaper or that stack of old magazines might come in useful one day, chances are they will not. Keeping these items, as small as they might seem, can take up valuable space in your garage and make things appear cluttered. As you organize your items into piles, make sure you have a garbage pile and add to it. Be aggressive in your decisions to throw things out, remembering a good rule of thumb is to throw out anything you haven’t used in over 18 months. If you’re throwing out any paperwork that might have personal information, it’s a good idea to shred this before tossing.

Weeds, like all plants, need sunlight, soil, nutrients, and time to grow. Unfortunately, weeds do not know how to play fair and want the lawn all to themselves. Even after you have used landscape fabric, you may still have weeds.

If you find that many of your friends and family have passed on, or they just seem too busy to spend time with you – don’t fret about it. Instead, create a life in which you can be involved with a hobby that you have, a craft project, a musical instrument, gardening, or reading.

Rolling and aeration are two more neglected aspects of yard care. At least that is what the yards around my home show me. A nicely rolled lawn gives it that golf course look, which not only looks nice, but also eliminates those dips and high spots that can lead to certain accidents where items of great value can be dropped. Aeration of your lawn in either the spring or fall will help keep your lawn healthy. Having all those small brown lumps of dirt all over your lawn may not be the coolest thing in the world right after it happens, but it will be essential for the long term health of your lawn and a vital aspect of your yard care plan every year.