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Seo Copy Writing – Can You Handle Massive Back Links?

Have you bought PLR before and found out quickly that it wasn’t even worth the pocket change it cost you? Some of the stuff out there is completely unreadable that was probably written by an article spinner.

Article marketing is not necessarily free (you can outsource click here and submission, and that costs money). But, if you need a free way, article marketing must be on your list. It might take some practice to get articles that get views and clicks, but often the traffic from your articles will be highly targeted.

When you get done reading this, look for my website by a Google search just to prove I am not lying to you, okay? Just put in the generic name in the search area and you can see where I am.

Before we get into the 6 techniques I’m going to cover, remember that the key to good article writing is authority. If you know what you’re talking about, you can get as creative and loose with it as you want to. Building a sense of authority and offering something of value will get you readers always.

With the advent of speech to text software, such as Dragon Naturally Speaking, it is possible to write your articles even faster than you can by typing by hand. Using the software will take some getting used to, but once you have any of it you will be able to create articles relatively fast without typing all. You will still need to do some final editing and some polish work. However this makes the creation of an article considerably faster for those who are just not good at typing.

Article Marketing- This is my most bread winner to date. To make the most money with article marketing, you need to write quality and informative articles. This is where many Internet marketers and writers mess up at. They think if they spin 2000 articles using an article spinner and submitting them to the top article directories, that they are going to get clicks to their articles. (I’m sorry, this is not so).

Promises high amount of links within a short time frame, Stop turn around and leave a.s.a.p. You do not want Google to see that on one day you had no links and then two weeks later you have 200! Its important that link building is a natural process. Think about it, the search engines want to see that people like your site and recommend it i.e. put a link back to your site. Now its not very likely that a new site or a site with low page rank will genuinely have lots of links in a short time. What you need to do is have a SEO plan where links are built over months resulting in beneficial benefits.

Confused and shocked that only one of my friends where using this powerful software I asked my other friends who had recommended me other spinners why the weren’t using the Super Article Spinner. They simply replied “Never herd of it!”. After that being said I knew I had to get the good word out on one of the best article spinners I’ve had the luxury of getting my hands on.