Okeechobeelandcompany News Seo Article Marketing Services – A Profitable Online Business Venture Part

Seo Article Marketing Services – A Profitable Online Business Venture Part

When one is using Google, they will notice that most of the top websites for most search results usually originate from the US. Unless the keywords specify a certain country, most of the websites are from developed country. It is even possible that at times when dealing the country has been specified, websites from that country do not appear. This is something that is very common for Kenyan websites.

13 – We all want to outsource because it saves us money. But you will get seriously burned if you hire someone who has no idea how to get you one way link building correctly. Hire an extreme seo expert. Everyone says they are an expert though. It takes more effort for an SEO professional to undo the damage done by uneducated link builders all over the Internet who seriously do not have a clue how to optimize for true, one way link building.

SEO is also known as Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is key to drawing unlimited amounts of free high quality traffic to your website, however you need the skills and knowledge to know what exactly needs to be done to obtain the traffic you desire. You cannot expect to make a site and have every body in the world know about it. It just does not work like that.

Promote my personal business site -I use AC to promote my website, which I use to bring in new clients and new assignments. Also having the AC RSS feed on the seo rankings homepage of my website keeps the content fresh as it regularly updates. This makes my website rank higher in the search engines.

All traffic is good? The answer is NO. Surprised! To target traffic means to target a keyword. To target a keyword means “time” and “effort” to focus on targeting that keyword. If you create highly targeted keywords then you get targeted traffic. So traffic from keywords that don’t synergize with your product, information or service is useless, so are keywords that don’t lead to a sale.

Well, I do know that HTML and web design for that matter is not what it used to be. In fact, I did hear the above comment once. But you know? You get what you pay for. If someone can do cheaper for you seo services than what a client is willing to pay you. Then more power to them. The reality is that this person will probably not have your training or mine for that matter. If they botch it. Hmmmm… You might get another call.

I believe that in life, you are either the chess player or a chess piece. Google owns their search engine and can do whatever they want. We as business people, can not be mere pawns in the game of Google. To become a Grandmaster in the game of capitalism, we must be a chess player, not a chess piece. We must adapt and overcome Today that means we must become adept at marketing by means of social networking.

The duplicate page is the simple way to backup the information on the site. If the sites have two unique URL’s with the same exact content, and this is repeated over and over again, this could hurt your SEO rankings.

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