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New Delhi – 7 Days Itinerary

MHOW is a small town about 23 km from Indore. But its importance is manifold compared to its size. Every part of MHOW breaths history. It is an acronym for Military Headquarter of War and has been an important part of the British Indian army from the days of the Raj.

The reasons for this are manifold and among them is the poor national diet in proteins and lack of training facilities. Thus for Milkha Singh to have emerged from this morass is itself a tremendous achievement.

Milkha now burst on the International stage when at the 1958 Asian games he won the gold medal in both the 200m and 400m events. Have we ever heard of any Indian athlete winning 2 gold medals in a track event after him? Milkha clocked a time of 21.6 and 47 seconds respectively. This was the time the world took notice of a bearded Sikh with long hair on the international stage and nicknamed him as the ‘Flying Sikh’. He followed up by winning the 400 m event at the Cardiff Commonwealth games with a timing of 46.16 seconds. He was the first Indian to win a gold medal at the commonwealth games after independence. Milkha again won a gold medal in 400m at the 1962 Asian games.

A first look at the weapon does not please the eye. You can see the shoddy finish of the weapon and the engravings are effected in a crude manner. The revolver details and number could have been etched in a better way. Attention to the finer points of the weapon is sadly lacking. I compared it with the original Webley and the shoddy piece of workmanship of the IOF weapon clearly stands out.

The House of Lords and House of commons recognized the courage of the 21 Sikh soldiers of the 36th Sikh regiment by paying homage to their bravery by standing up to a tumultuous ovation.All the soldiers were awarded the Indian Order of Merit, the equivalent of the Victoria Cross of its day. We talk of Thermopylae but Saragarhi is a living legend- to be remembered for all times to come.

The character of America is very hypocritical. He has gained the favor of both Pakistan and India. Pakistan should take notice to the statement of Join Indian Army result Officer that they can capture Pakistan and China in 96 hours. And arouse this issue in International level that what are the aims of India. I thinks Pakistan’s Army trainings 2010 (Azma-e-Nau Soam) is the positive response from Pakistan.

Amitabh remained so quiet in the house that, sometimes, I had to force myself to believe that he was there. He never talked about Mohan. I would mostly go alone to meet my son because my husband didn’t even talk about him. Once or twice, Amitabh accompanied me but he remained outside the central jail. This time I didn’t force him. I took the car and drove myself. There were hundreds of thoughts in my mind. To take our driver along meant to give vent to more rumors about our family. Already, we had been ridiculed and shunned by the society.

Result: INDIA! Comparing the two armies’ 105mm pieces, we see the Indian IFG/LFG is a lighter weapon with more flexible applications, and has more reach to boot. In the M-46, the Indian Army is using the weapon that partly replaced the M-30 in Soviet artillery service. It has more than double the range of the Pakistani piece. Finally, India is the only country of the two to be deploying recently manufactured artillery pieces. While tube artillery is very robust, reliability is an issue when using a gun that was made around the time your grandfather was born.