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Make Use Of Your Old Discs And Do Not Throw Them

Well, there really isn’t one – and that’s the truth. But, there is something that will help you make some awesome, solid progress: working on your business instead of working in your business.

Sales jobs have a totally different work-lets bet than that of the standard 9-5 jobs. If you can work cleverly, you can reach the pinnacle, faster than you can even think of! There are no work hours in the sales field and yes, it is true to some extent that you have to work and slog a bit more than other jobs. Though much depends on your convincing power and your enterprising nature and attitude; if you do not have the attitude – build it, otherwise you’re not the one for a sales job.

This online task will not only help you earn more cash in as little as 15 days but it will also help you gain more exposure. This is one of the best online jobs for those who are only starting on this kind of online strategy. You simply set up your blog, write articles about a certain niche market and then join some affiliate programs and from there you will earn and get cash and commission for every product that you will be able to sell in your site.

Door count. Whomever you’ve asked to work the door needs to keep track of how many people show up. Those with tickets are easy to count. Rip the ticket stub and save them to count later. But the hand stamp requires a counting system. Perhaps one of those silver “clickers” or just good, old fashioned paper and pen.

It does not hurt that I own an interactive poetry site where I have a forum for ‘Articles and Press Releases.’ That means I can post the URL to this article there as well. Now all the members have the option to click on the URL and read this article.

So, I’m rolling through my proverbial rolodex and I pull out all the directors I have in my black book. Again, I only want to find the ones who match. Plus, I can’t pitch them all at one time. There is an unwritten rule about that. So, I need to really go one at a time and the best way to save time is to find the best match.

Sit back, relax and go back to work. Don’t bug them every day. File 13. Don’t go see them. File 13. It’s the “don’t call us, we’ll call you” game and there is a way to play. If you wait about a month, that’s a good amount of time to follow up on your contact. You may not get an answer then, but you will definitely be appreciated for not bugging them. Make sure you don’t take for granted that they obviously know who you are. Make sure you remind them about screenplay, what it’s about, why Jay would love it and basically have a cut down version of the same conversation you had a month ago. Who knows? You just might get an appointment that day.