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Magnificent Forts Of Rajasthan

Dubai is known for its gleaming water beaches and amazing 5 star and 7 star hotels. Many adventures things are there in Dubai which can be enjoyed like visiting water parks, making to desert safari, playing golf if you are interested in golf and much more. Apart from shopping of gold, there are big and fantastic malls from where you can shop for anything. There are many good resorts in Dubai which are very affordable and offering good services.

Evening in the deserts sees you having fun with the drinks and sheesha. The ladies love to get heena tattooing done from the expert henna designers at the camp. There are organized 5 star buffets for dinner. Travelers love to enjoy these 5 star cuisines while listening to soft music as well as other music played by the famous DJ. Then there is an enchanting belly dance performance by the seductive and ravishing dance performances. This will add delight and pleasure to your evening. Later at night, you will have another lifetime experience while diving into the desert at night. The breathtaking views of the desert at night let you feel the real flavor of the deserts. It will also be surprising to see how the drivers locate your camps at night, when there is a vast expanse of the desert.

best desert safari in dubai is also named as Dune bashing; the reason is that this excursion is a kind of off-road driving. An off-road vehicle, generally Toyota Land Cruiser, is used for exploring the way on sandy dunes of the desert. This bumpy ride is not only exciting but at the same time quite risky. A lot of tour operators are ready to take you on the ride of desert safari Dubai. Your task is to search the details of best companies on the web. When you locate the best company then you can definitely expect good services. This company always hires trained and expert driver for off-road trip of desert.

Do some searching in the area and see which hotels offer the best reviews. You want to see positive comments from those who have visited and stayed in the hotels. This will tell you which ones are the most appealing. Of course you do have to look at the fact that there are different options and price ranges. Make sure you select the one that has what you need at a price you can afford before you make the final call.

Dubai, being a wasteland, has indeed, obtained so much in such short time. It has interested people from all over the world every year with something new everytime they come. So, guide your passes at the first, to have a one on one encounter with the gemstone of the UAE.

The sea beaches are one of the main tourist attractions of the city, and the beaches are always alive with tourists busy in different exciting activities. The white sand, blue sea and strong breeze of these beaches attract the tourists and you can spend an entire day on the beach, playing or getting a dip in the ocean.

Everyone on the safari can enjoy the exotic barbecue dinner that is served in the camps. The safari usually ends after 6 to 7 hours and the rates are also very competitive for the customers. Each person has to pay $50 to $65 for the entire Safari experience. The prices also include the charges of the food and the pick up and drop. Even the refreshment and camel rides are included in it. So next time you plan to visit Desert Safari, do enjoy the safari experience!