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Low Cost Ways To Decorate Your Bathroom For Christmas

Did you know that you could drastically increase the value of your home without having to invest heavily in having your home remodeled or refitted? Yes, it’s possible! And you won’t even have to spend as much just to make it happen!

Of course, one of the best areas that you can improve on is your kitchen. Consider replacing your kitchen counter with a granite or Corian countertop. There are other materials but these two are the most popular.

Take note of the colors of your bathroom fixtures. That space can look more organized if the colors do not clash. When buying new furniture, you may want to take into account their colors. This consideration with colors should also extend to your best shower curtains, towels or lighting fixtures.

To make the kitchen look more spacious, try installing lights that will make it look brighter. You could also redo the windows to remove clutter and make it spill in more light. This will have the effect of making the kitchen look bigger. Make sure the floorings and the table tops are in good repair. If it is not beyond your budget you could even replace the current flooring with stone or tile, which is a lot better than linoleum that cracks and tears.

Displaying framed painting and collectibles on shelf added to a wall could give your bathroom a fresh look. Putting your soaps, bath salts and pretty toiletries in antique bowls or shaving mugs and add colored beads and cheap faux pearl necklace to it for a romantic effect. You can also add aroma candles to your vanity counter-top or near your bathtub. In a master bath or a large bathroom, you may have the luxury of space to add outdoor furniture such as a wicker table or chair. Accent lighting can be done around a beautiful painting or on top edge of the wall tile using low-voltage strip of lights.

Return your soap. Let down the shelf and sink. Turn off the water. Return shelf and sink to their upright positions if you are not intending to use the sink further. Open the shower door, grab your towel and, well I’m guessing you know this part. Once you are mostly dry step outside and put on those clean undies. At some point during your drying process you might determine that the need for the drain pump is concluded and turn it off.

Research the costs of your home improvement project before you go to a contractor. Visit a home supply store to cost out the products that will be needed to complete the renovation. When your contractor gives you a quote, subtract the costs you figured out and that will tell you how much he’s charging for labor.

Using acrylic paints and a plastic shower curtain, paint the design of your choice directly on the curtain. This is a great way to create a whimsical curtain for the children’s bathroom. Use stamps or stencils of your choice or let the kids have a blast and create their own masterpiece. For a nautical decor, use tape to create vibrant vertical stripes in any color you desire. If you have a deft hand, display your own artwork and enjoy the pleasant compliments that are sure to be forthcoming when your friends and family witness your playful and smile-inducing decorating savvy.