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Learning Bass Guitar Scales For Beginners

The first thing all new guitarists want to do when they initially pick up a guitar is play a cool song. Amen! This is the first and last reason we play. Music isn’t music until we put it into context, and that context is songs! We do need to make sure that you get started the right way, so here are some guidelines to follow.

1) Any guitar with steel strings on it is NOT suitable. There was a time when certain styles of Country and Western and jazz guitars were advertised as “Spanish guitars” for some unknown reason. (I think because they have roughly the same shape as a classical / flamenco guitar). If you look hard enough you may even find a few books of the 1920’s , 30’s, and 40’s which have plectrum style music for these “Spanish bass guitar“. The equation seems to be: Flamenco = Spanish music = let’s play it on my grandpa’s Spanish guitar. Now where did he put those plectrums? Or something like that.

The next thing you might think about doing after completing your project is setting up a record company. You can do this by going down to your local government building and getting a business license. You have different rights and protections with each different type of company. A sole proprietor gives you the individual little protection from a lawsuit, whereas a corporation is like an individual on its own, protecting your personal assets from judgements.

One way on how to make fast money includes doing small part time labor jobs. These could be anything from cleaning the driveway, mowing the lawns, doing small errands etc. These will not take much of your time and can get you some fast bucks!

Select your Raw Tracks folder to be the default save to folder. Make sure that either auto save is enabled or that you are in a habit of hitting control or command s after making edits. Remember to be taking notes also. Tip: some music stores sell a track notes notebook.

Billy Powell, with the release of “Free Bird” showed the world that there was room in rock and roll for southern boogie piano. Billy Powell’s keyboard work wasn’t the electric organ from the late sixties. This was boogie-woogie, not acid trip rock!

You can sell your albums and MP3’s on Amazon by opening an account with Createspace. It’s free to join, and all you have to do is upload your materials. You have to strictly follow their uploading guidelines; if you don’t, your material won’t be accepted. Make sure all of your artwork is in the correct formats along with your audio tracks. You might as well convert your.wav files to.aiff right now, and make sure your songs are in the correct order by placing an 01 etc. in front of the song titles. I would suggest signing up as an individual, not as a business because you never know when the economy will take a crap and out of business.

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