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Keeping My Hair Healthy – With Oil?

Veterinarian Dr. Usha Kappagantula of Banfield Pet Hospital, a Vet Clinic in Carmel, Indiana recommends antiseborrheic shampoo to remove scaly dog skin. That’s a fancy name for anti-dandruff formula. She notes that people-shampoo may have too much alcohol in it. Dr. Usha often prescribes shampoo with salacylic acid or chlorehexedrine for severe cases. But she emphasizes that severe dog dandruff always has an underlying cause that a vet needs to diagnose. Among such causes are allergies, parasites, thyroid/endocrine problems and hormonal imbalances. The rates at Vet Clinics such as Banfield Pet Hospitals may be lower than your local veterinarian’s.

Another fish source for Omega fatty acids. Research is showing that Wild Salmon is a better buy because it is lower in contaminants than farmed Salmon. Farmed Salmon is raised in crowded conditions and given antibiotics to keep the fish from getting diseases. The industry is working to improve these problems.

Daily supplements such as shark liver oil, premium oyster powder, wild sockeye Lakseolie kat, and astaxanthin do wonders for the body. They help increase strength, boost energy, strengthen the immune system, accelerate metabolism, heal those overworked muscles and more.

Keep cats away from dog food. Some cats love dog food, even more than their own food, but dog food does not have enough protein and too much calcium for a cat’s digestion. Cats need much more protein than dogs, and the higher levels of calcium in dog food can lead to calcium deposits in your cat, which can eventually lead into painful kidney stones. Keep your cat out of your dog’s food for maximum health.

Milk Thistle 175mg twice daily for 3 months, then 1 per day for liver health. To be taken with Probiotic Acidophilus twice daily Salmon Oil for puppies 3 months, then 1 per day for intestine well-being.

Cats really need meat. That’s what they crave. It’s what makes their fur shine and their weight stay healthy. However, there are problems with a straight meat diet, too. Whether raw or cooked, cats need Taurine for ocular, neurological, reproductive, and cardiovascular health. There are several supplements on the market that provide taurine, but sometimes knowing how much to give can be a little confusing.

I hope that you find this article helpful, and that it has helped raise your awareness that not all foods that may be good for you are appropriate for your dog’s health. Many can cause very severe health problems. By avoiding potentially dangerous foods, and providing healthy foods, you can add to the quality and joy of your dog’s life.