Okeechobeelandcompany News Jesse James Overshares, Posts Pinky ‘Accident’ Pictures On Instagram

Jesse James Overshares, Posts Pinky ‘Accident’ Pictures On Instagram

Bill Nye is looking at a serious injury on Dancing With the Stars. The science man who has the hearts of America was rehearsing on Tuesday and ended up injuring his leg. While some fans are worried it might put him out of the competition, it seems that Nye has other plans. Suggesting he is planning to dance, the injury apparently won’t be slowing him down.

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The TPGOP does not seem to understand the ‘founding documents’ they so often refer to. They prattle on about their ‘values,’ being ‘pro-life,’ and of being Christian, and of course: freedom! Seriously? What happened to the values of truth, regard for facts, respect of other’s opinions, compassion for life, and the realization of being an equal member of the human race? What really are their values now, according to how they act? Money, class, race?.

The Fan Favorite trailer winner will receive an advertising package from KGSR and instagram all fans who cast votes will be entered to win two passes to performances in the KGSR Music Lounge.

You want to post when the most people will see it. Not “at the end of the workday” as a client recently asked me. Your posts get pushed down by the more recent posts so it’s quite possible something you post at 6:00 p.m. won’t still be in your prospect’s news feed at 10:00 p.m.

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