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Is Article Marketing Really Worth Your Time?

This software has been created by the famed Alexandr Krulik, creator of Magic Article Rewriter and Magic Article Submitter. If you haven’t heard of these programs please brush up by Clicking Here! Alexandr came on the internet marketing automation scene in 2009 and took the website marketing arena by storm. His two products out performed other marketers products by an immeasurable amount and COST LESS!

You will need to be careful about how many article rewriter tool you submit. Google is starting to ban websites that gain too many backlinks in a short amount of time. Instead, try to aim for 50 backlinks per day. It is also better to have backlinks on different sites than to have them on one site. It will make your site appear more relevant. Thus, you will get more traffic from the search engines.

All the instructional video shows you is to sign up for clickbank and paste your affiliate advert HTML code into the console text boxes. Then click start and viola! your site is now monetized! – Not so for me – after clicking start, the console prompted me saying my adverts have been posted to my blog site. But no ads when I checked in the web browser. I checked back next day but still no ads! It appears that their was a bug in the software, but is now fixed. I could just have easily logged into the WordPress dashboard, clicked the link for inserting adverts and pasted the same affiliate code, just as the software did in about the same time.

The article rewriter, such as Magic Article Rewriter, is a device. If you don’t take a little time to learn to use it correctly, it wont do you much good. This is true of any tool. However in just a few articles, you can learn the most effective ways of rewriting and reaching the most readers.

Creating traffic through SEO is a process that requires steps be taken. Writing the articles is the hardest part of the process. For that, there are article rewriter tools that can assist you. An article rewriter tool is great article marketing software. With this software program, you only have to write one good article and then use the software program to create duplicates that are re-written and totally unique so that you can submit them to several directories instead of just one.

A good PLR business will be adding fresh content to their site on a regular basis. You may be able to get all you need with one batch, but it’s a good sign if they’re constantly adding content. It means they’re serious about what they’re doing and they’re not in it to just make a quick buck (yours!).

So once the software is installed, the first video tutorial shows how to begin using the console. Now the video says that the software will only work with cpanel software, provided by their recommended web hosting company. The hosting company server I currently have all my sites on uses a control panel software that is not compatible with commission maniac.

Therefore, if you want to win ‘The Online Game’ you have to put the time, the effort and the money, into developing the content your Clients want! Do this if you want to develop a viable, sustainable business!