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How To Seo – The Basics Of On-Site Search Engine Optimization

The first time I started doing SEO work many years ago, I was frustrated by many articles offering no or very little information on the way to optimize a website. Since then, through error and trial, I have known a lot of new things. Below are my guide to the people who are trying to optimize their website.

So you buy the transmission and of course you again have to install it yourself, assuming of course you are a trained mechanic who knows how to use the tools you bought. “Oh. You want a steering wheel?” You get the idea. By the time you are done you have paid enough money to buy a Cadillac and you are left driving a broken down, gas guzzling, oil burning, primer painted, pieced together Yugo/Nash/Pinto with a couple of squirrels under the hood that MAYBE will get you around the block.

Page names can be found in the address bar at the top of your browser window. Maybe you have a five page site navigation: Home, About, Products, Links, Contact. Your home page will be the domain name followed by a “/” or as “index” dot something (html, asp, php, etc). The home page must be named index. Focus on the other pages.

What defines a real writer? According to some, if you aren’t published in the hard copy world, you are not a real writer. No, I am not Stephen King. I don’t crank out books that the publishers are waiting in line to grab up.

The keywords/key phases tag is simply a list, separated by commas, of the top ten words or phrases which are relevant to the sites purpose. For our site we may use minerals for sale, South American mineral specimens, etc. Notice I said the top 10 – using a large number of keywords in this tag is known as “stuffing” and it will actually hurt your overall ranking. Don’t do it!

Monitoring Google will eat up much of your time and it can be tiresome as well. To make it easier, you can find a website that specializes in posicionamient web girona. You can also use a web application to find out the kinds and types of keywords your competitors are using. Try to make a more specific keyword as well and see whether you will have better results. When you find out that it actually works, then start working on making your keywords more specific. If making more specific keywords will help you move up the search pages, then do it now.

If a “real” writer is one that has words in a magazine or book that you can hold in your hand, well, a lot of us on line writers qualify by that definition too. Many online writers have “real” published books and magazine articles. Yet they continue to write online as well. Their must be some reason, wouldn’t you think?

Okay, I am about done now. Jaipi, thanks for challenging us all to follow your lead! This was one I didn’t even have to research because it was all right there stuffed into my chest! I am glad to get it off my chest, so how about you? Are you up for Jaipi Sixbears challenge?

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