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Got The Interview? Now Get The Job

Happy New Year San Francisco! Let us hope that the employment scene expands this year. You know, a number of Bay Area companies built themselves quite a bank account over 2010. Good for them. This is why public-owned companies do what they do. They are in it for the cash, you know, to return a profit to investors and owners. Some people who work in these companies even like what they do for a living. It is not all about the money. Their careers matter to them.

You may think that a college degree is enough to land a job. But since everyone has a degree these days, employers are looking for more. They want to see experience. The best way to get it is with an internship in your field. The next best thing is to get some office or business experience, in any field. Why? Because you’ll learn how to work with other people and function as part of a team. You’ll also learn your strengths and weaknesses, and get a sense of what you like and dislike in a job. This will help you build confidence as well as learn what type of job is the ideal fit for you. When the right job does come along, you’ll feel prepared and ready to face the music.

You must have an open communication with your mentor. Whether they are a relative, icf australia, leadership developer or an online career management expert, you must be willing to meet with them. Once you have identified the type of mentor you admire, set up a meeting to get to know them better. If they’re not willing to communicate with you, then you know early in the game that they will not have the time to coach you at advancing your career.

Each person in Teresa’s success team created six-week goals and shared them with the group. This created instant accountability. Teresa’s goals were: Join two volunteer organizations and to have a job offer at the end of six weeks. Teresa accomplished her goals. You can too by mirroring what she did. No matter how scared you are take action anyway. The next tip will give you what you need to create a plan and go…

He ended up writing his own job title – product marketing manager – to describe what the job he wanted to do. He made a list of the things he wanted the job to encompass. Then he started sharing this with his network.

Interview. Getting an interview alone is a positive step. Be prepared with questions and clear examples of how your work fits the position. Greet the interviewer and a firm (but not bone breaking) handshake.

You know you can do better but lack the attitude to pursue success. Skills and experience are necessary to succeed in a career but determination plays a vital role to make a successful career happen. A person who is determined to succeed will do everything to improve his skills and gain experience. He will also be motivated to exhibit a winning attitude which will help him get noticed by managers which will pave his way to a promotion. Losers are often people who are not willing to do the extra work required to achieve a successful career.

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