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Doing Business In Illawarra- It’s All About The Family

WARREN, Mich. — Art Van Furniture and WJR raised over $22,000 during a discussion and book signing with Mitch Albom at its Warren, Mich. headquarters on Feb. 2. Tickets were $10 and 100 percent of the proceeds went to S.A.Y. Detroit, a non-profit charity Albom founded to improve the lives of Detroit’s homelessness. The first 350 attendees received a complimentary autographed copy of his new book “Have a Little Faith.” About 400 people attended the fundraiser because more seats were added at the last minute.

Don’t forget the free online services like Craigslist! Recently one of my clients landed a dream job that was advertised on Craigslist; she asked me about it because me it sounded too good to be true.

You might wonder why I am writing Ball in Bold. In my world, the ball is the expectation of your customers. Keeping you eye on the ball is the same as keeping your promises to your customers, by having your eyes on their expectation all the time. This builds partnerships. A good partnership will lead us to win more market share. This is the reasons why we do business. If not, there is always an option to run a non-charity non profit donations organization.

3) The possibilities for income are endless. The sky’s the limit. Your earning potential is completely determined by you and your willingness to work hard. If your goal is to become a millionaire it is possible. Are you more interested in buying a new vehicle adding to your child’s reputable local charities college fund or doing some extensive traveling? These goals are possible too. You will now have the income to pay off those nagging old debts, save money for retirement, give to charitable organizations, and live the life you’ve always dreamed of along the way.

They will want to quit sometimes. While the parents may see opportunities down the road, kids are usually more short-sighted. By helping them write down the pros and cons if they quit, their decision may become clearer. Parents need to be prepared with any decision which is the last truth.

Men, when you shave, fill the sink. I found myself guilty of this as well. Whenever I shaved I kept the water running and after every stroke I washed off the blade for a cleaner stroke. Instead, fill the sink with hot water and just dip in the razor, the effect is exactly the same.

Electronic greeting cards have opened up a way for millions across the internet to share a bit of cheer with online friends. We meet new people online everyday through our associations, work affiliations, social networking sites and other social activities. We invest our time and energies into these relationships, just as we do in our outside lives; therefore, we want to share the joy of the holidays with these friends and associates.

You can start with the points given above to see how strong your current landing page is. If you would like to post your landing page in the comments for feedback, please feel free to. If you feel like you need a lot of work on your landing page, I will gladly direct you to people I trust and can recommend working with.