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Blog Spotlight: Lindsay’s Sweet Kind Of Life

Everyone associates turning 21 as the coming of age but, better still, everyone associates it with a big celebration! Yes, a 21st birthday is most definitely party time. A party that is celebrated with friends and family and hopefully fun packed from start to finish. It should be an amazing event that lasts as a fantastic memory forever.

Because there is a natural ebb and flow to motivation. It’s hard to keep going at a super high level at all times. And you know what? Your spouse and your friends unfortunately are not always the best people personal intrest to give you this type of support. Why?

If you do not already have a clear vision of your novel, you do not need to sit around and wait for it to come to you. You might very well be waiting years and then it is perhaps in vain hope that a light will suddenly come on. Take some time here to feed your inspiration. The inspiration you will find now will be all the motivation you need to keep on track and see your aspiration of being a published fantasy author realized.

The great part about blogs is that they always give you access to the archive. In other words, everything that appears in a blog remains in there. The archive is organized chronologically so that it can make your search easier. The database is enormous and as I said before, it is almost impossible not to find what you’re looking for.

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You can read blogs that will help you find a good restaurant to eat at, blogs that tell you about a country or town that you are about to visit as well as hundreds of blogs that will give you advice on topics ranging from financial to technology, from personal issues to where to get the best deal on a product.

The other big payback to you for giving information from, and about, other sites and writers will be that those other sites and writers you direct your readers to will be thankful that you sent traffic to their sites, so they’ll likely send traffic to your site(s), too, from time to time.