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Online Pharmacy- Conquering Brick And Mortal Pharmacy

Anyone looking for a new career should look into becoming a certified pharmacy technician. This is an exciting career choice and the job opportunities are expected to be plentiful. A pharmacy technician is someone that is basically like a pharmacist’s right hand man. The main duties of a pharmacy tech include: receipt, taking inventory, and helping prepare medications. The four steps to starting this wonderful career are not that rigorous. Anyone with will and drive most likely can succeed in it.

Getting certified pharmacy tech can help increase the odds you will find the right job situation for you. Many employers will not even consider interviews with those who do not have this training. Therefore, to increase your odds of finding the right fit for you, getting certified is a smart way to go.

In the case of 2.5% hydrocortisone cream, it is a solid (versus being in a solution). This means that the percent is weight in weight. We now know that the cream is 2.5 parts hydrocortisone in 97.5 parts of other stuff (inert ingredients also known as excipients). This is typically expressed in grams or (g). Therefore, if you had 100 grams of 2.5% hydrocortisone cream, then you have 2.5 grams of hydrocortisone and 97.5 grams of a cream base and other excipients. If you had 30 grams of hydrocortisone cream, you would multiply 30 grams by 0.025 (or 2.5%) to obtain 0.75 grams of hydrocortisone and 29.25 grams of cream base and other excipients.

You might have a long list of references who are eager to add a helpful word if called by a prospective employer. However, it’s a best practice to keep them separate from your resume and submit them only when asked. This practice also adds a degree of professionalism to your demeanor.

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Now that you know the actual calculations, you can use a shortcut. Whenever you need to convert a percent to g/L or mg/mL, simply move the decimal to the right by one place. In the case of 0.9%, this means it become 9. You probably noticed above that both answers are 9. This is a fundamental mathematical skill that all pharmacy staff (pharmacists and pharmacy technicians) needs to know. Commit it to memory, and it will serve you well throughout your career.

We are living in the 21st century where everything you see and touch is influenced by technology. Why not make this a reality and make an online pharmacy university possible for students. Only time will tell, if this idea of an online PharmD degree is going to work out. But in the meantime, this topic should be discussed among all pre-pharmacy students. Print this out and I encourage you to discuss this important issue with your friends, family, professors and even the person who is going to interview you for pharmacy school.